New Samsung Ad Is Something iPhone Users Cannot Tolerate

New Samsung Ad Is Something iPhone Users Cannot Tolerate

Apple iPhone X is here and rival Samsung, like every other times has mocked the iPhone in its latest ad. One might wonder, beside being a key supplier for iPhone X’s OLED display is this something Samsung would do? Well see for yourself!


Titled ‘Growing Up’, the ad unveils Samsung Note 8 taking up iPhone X, showcases the story of a man who, having followed every iPhone since 2007, finally moves to Samsung Note 8 in the year 2017.

Starting from iPhone 1st generation, the user is avid Apple fan but is envy of his girlfriend who is a Samsung Note fan, It was shown in the video that in some way or other, iPhones are a step behind the Galaxy devices, be it screen size when compared with iPhone 5S or the lack of stylus in later devices.

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They also fall into a lake, causing their phones to become wet, it was shown that the man throws his iPhone 6 on a plate of rice to dry it up, while the girlfriend’s shows off the scenery she clicked and the fact that Galaxy is waterproof!

He then buys an iPhone 7 and has to use dongles, while his girlfriend’s phone stands tall on its wireless charger. Dubbed “growing up,” Samsung’s commercial sees the iPhone addict switch to a Galaxy Note 8 when he is finally done when there’s no headphone jack in iPhone 7. He mocks the people in line waiting for the launch at the end and scribbles a message,” Guess what I just got”, to his girlfriend, exactly what he said when he first got an iPhone. This completes the ‘Upgrade to Galaxy”



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