Meet founders of “TruckSuvidha – Redbus in truck transportation service”

Meet founders of “TruckSuvidha – Redbus in truck transportation service”

There are two kinds of people in the society, one who follows the old monotonous stereotypes and the second ones, the risk takers, who are ready to face the challenges no matter how many obstacles come in their way, for whom, the ‘so-called ordinary’ is not in the options.

Today we present to you Entreprenurs talk session with the second ones. They are the founders of TruckSuvidha, an all in one Freight transport solution provider, Enlisting qualities for a successful entrepreneur as consistent, motivated, and having an attitude that never gives up, they have all the strength to go as far as they want to!

Let’s meet them:


Ishu Bansal, (Co-Founder and Technical & Operational brain for TruckSuvidha):

Born and brought up in Chandausi, Uttar Pradesh, Ishu is an engineer by education in the field of Information Technology. Having worked in corporate with biggies like Infosys and Sapient and early member of the software development cell at AKGEC, Ishu has matured his capabilities in tech background throughout the tenure.


Amit Punaini, (Co- Founder and Management & Marketing wizard for TruckSuvidha):

Belonging to Jagadhri, Haryana, Amit has a bachelors degree in commerce and has been dealing in Scrap and Plywood Business before entering the startup zone.

The common connect: Both have the business in their genes!


Let’s have an insight about their journey and what keeps them motivated all along:

Q. When did you find your eureka for being an entrepreneur?

I have an industry experience of more than 6 years and though I was good at my work somehow I felt that was not my calling. Like any other day I (Ishu) happen to be discussing my passion with Amit. Amit a well versed businessman was caught up by my idea and decided to be a part of it that moment only. After that, one thing led to another and TruckSuvidha came into being.


Q. What has been your inspiration, that kept the spark alive?

My Family, especially my father, because the way he lives his life in a disciplined manner, serving the society, it develops the motivation from the roots. Also, as I have always wanted to do something for the society, but being in job couldn’t get much chance for the same. Trucksuvidha has given me all the reasons to continue this forever.


Q. What about the ideas and the execution part?

At TruckSuvidha, we usually watch the problems faced by the society very closely. Then the next stage we follow is, doing some surveys, once we have enough data that we think we’re good to go we plan the execution accordingly.


Q. How life being an entrepreneur has amazed you?

I won’t say it has been an easy journey. The thought of a startup crossed my minds a thousand times, but it took almost 2 years, convincing my distant brother to be a part of this, a resignation, lot of field work which sometimes led to frustration in the end, effort, time, and money. Also, a visit to the Azadpur Mandi and interacting with the people who actually are in this industry led us to believe that we are on the right path. We can bring about a change to their lives. At that moment it was an eye opener. I guess this sums up the TruckSuvidha’s journey in a brief way.


Q. What are your views about the current Indian startup ecosystem?

Being the world’s largest youth population country, there has never been a shortage of people coming up with new and innovative ideas. But most of the people don’t work on them either due to some fear, responsibilities or thinking that someone else is already working and how will I make the difference in the system. The ones who are doing, is driving the boom. Despite all this, I believe there is a huge scope in the market.


Q. Your advice to world out there exploring opportunities in start-ups?

One must work with a startup in their lifetime, a place where any individual comes up with a different kind of challenge daily, for which they are on their own to overcome/solve that. The only tip would be it’s never too late to start. Just believe in yourself!

The determination of achieving your aim is of utmost value and that is what Pixr8 admires the most in TruckSuvidha!

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