Meet Baap of Paytm – Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Meet Baap of Paytm – Vijay Shekhar Sharma

“I feel I am in my teens, and Paytm is my infatuation.”, said Vijay Shekhar Verma while he was shown in trailer made by MindBatteries. Mindbatteries is a video content creating company started a entrepreneur series called Startupreneur Series.

According to Simar, Head of Mindbatteries “Our planning is to create interview of startup founders video series in fun and candid manner.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder and CEO of One97/Paytm, who is one such an Indian entrepreneur who has reached the heights of success before even reaching 40.

The video shows his journey from being a small-town boy from Aligarh to building such a Billion Dollar giant. He owes his success to no one. It is just the result of his hard and smart work that Paytm became the first company in India to receive funding from Internet giant Alibaba. It is his supporting and ready to innovate ideologies that when one of his team members and his college junior, Abhishek Rajan, who wanted to try the payment business got his support.

He mostly spent his childhood in Aligarh, then enrolled at DCE at about 15. At his early ages, he was not a very bold kid. In the video he tells how sharmeela he was back then. Whenever some guests visited home, he used to run away and how his mother then tells them “We have a daughter-in-law here,who would have hidden inside.”

While he was at DCE, the major problem that he faced was the English language. He neither spoke English nor understood it. “I tried doing everything in Hindi, but the language of the people and in the classroom was English. It was a Taare Zameen Par moment for me with alphabets flying around” he said in one of his interviews.

Embarrassed by this fact, he taught himself the language using dictionaries and poring over second-hand magazines. Through one of this magazines, he came across a new world of Silicon Valley and the Business over an Internet. The fact that he could run an entire business online, by just sitting in any part of the world really amazed him. When you can run a company by simply sitting anywhere in the world, who needs to run for a job!

While in his job he realised that he was paid high, to make something that is going to be sold in America. He realised he was nothing but a back office fellow. After taking this huge leap, he now is established and opened an office in Toronto Canada, so that those goraas (foreigners) can make something for this country!

He sure is as great a person as his company. He has a different approach where, he says,” I only invest in BUS DRIVER. I don’t invest in the bus or the destination.”

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