Leadership Practices For Startups To Inspire The Team

Leadership Practices For Startups To Inspire The Team

We are fascinated by the access economy and this is how the next level of consumerism is going to happen. This is a great time to be in this space. Just at the time when WeWork raises a massive investment of $ 4.4 Billion and Gurgaon has the world’s largest co-coworking space, thanks to GoWork. For those who think, sharing economy will face a glass ceiling soon, sorry to break that, but, it’s just gaining momentum.

Having said that, at CityFurnish our goal is to make furniture easily accessible so that people can concentrate on other important things; the bed, the wardrobe, couch or any utility should not be one of them. This is the conviction that has motivated the entire team to furnish India, one city at a time. Currently, we operate in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore and we are steadily expanding to more cities. Here’s what we want to share with fellow entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs:

Being Good to Yourself

Running a startup is incredibly challenging and can be draining with a smaller team and more to get done. It’s a huge time commitment and it’s normal that during the first few years there is practically few spare hours, spend them wisely. If we have a look at some of the most effective founders we can find that, they manage time to be in shape, to eat right and to get enough sleep. So take your time to rest and reconnect with the world outside of work to strike the balance.

Don’t Focus too Much on Competition

It might sound counter intuitive but focussing too much on your competitors will make you play their game and stop the innovation from cooking.

It’s your game, keep innovating and try to offer unique solutions and ignore the noise, because what others are doing is out of your control. Be aware of the players in the space you are in, but focus on getting to the top of your game.


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Attitude Matters a Lot

Manipulation to make your team members dedicated would not take you too far. Forget about carrot and stick principle and practice leadership so that the people around would love to be a part of your entrepreneurship journey.

How you think and act as a changemaker becomes a deciding factor in your future success. The perseverance to act in the face of adversity is crucial. For an individual, it might sound easy but to cultivate a winning attitude within the team, it takes a lot of effort, collaboration, and faith among the team for the leadership. Once you crack this code, the journey becomes a whole lot fun because the entire culture of the company revolves around this shared vision.

Get Feedback From Your Team Members

“If the person who works at your company is not appreciated, they are not going to do things with a smile." ~ Richard Branson
In the fast paced startup world we might overlook about sentiments of an employee. A famous Google study found that empathy is a key factor of successful teams. You do not know if they are enjoying their work, how they feel about you as a manager or superior or their real
perspective on the company. Interact with team member and create an ecosystem where employees have a transparent relationship with the leadership. Without this link, the team can fall apart.

Staying Organized and Collaborating

Operating in multiple cities with a small team also opened up the way for new challenges.

It feels like there are a plethora of products needed to manage the business. For remote teams, this challenge is magnified tenfold. The best way we’ve found to take care of this is to make it a priority to stay organized from day one and to use the right tools. Real time collaboration is another key to keeping your operations running smoothly.

The furniture rental space in India is definitely going to take another big leap and as a prominent player, we are proud to enable consumers to choose a lifestyle of comfort and convenience.

This wave of change would depend a lot on how our team collaborates and ensures great execution. No matter what business space you are in, these leadership strategies will guide you towards achieving that shared vision.


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