Lads from DTU create Chestream a live video streaming app

Lads from DTU create Chestream a live video streaming app

Chestream stands out at Hackathon

Recently concluded AngelHack’s Hackathon Delhi, saw numerous applications developed by contesting developers which didn’t just prove their prowess in application development, it had the judges believe that the developers were aware of the present market needs and the growing fanaticism among the app users.

I, as an eyewitness to the event, would admit that every application showcased at the event promised to fulfill at least one or more of the present industry needs. Unfortunately, for the judges it wasn’t easy to decide which application or team deserves to be given an opportunity to present themselves at the AngelHack’s global event to be held in Silicon Valley.

Finally, after discussion, for an hour, judges’ predicament came to an end and Chestream was declared the winner at AngelHack’s Hackathon Delhi.

Chestream is a live video streaming application developed by a group of college mates from DTU (Delhi Technological University). The team led by Saurav tomar comprises four other developers– laavanye bahl, Umair Khan, Prempal Singh and Naman Dwivedi.

Saurav overwhelmed from his team’s win said,” We developed Chestream working for 30 hours without taking a break. We are pretty much excited about presenting it at the global event.”

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How Chestream works

Idea behind Chestream is to allow its users to capture and share live videos of their surroundings from a device as compact as mobile phones are these days. Though there are applications such as Meerkat and Periscope similar to Chestream already in the market what makes Chestream different from them is—it is linear and synchronous i.e only one user gets to stream at a time.

Chestream, a llive video streaming application

And, who gets to stream is decided by the number of upvotes users get based on their stream description and a teaser (GIF) placed by them before going live. Once the top most voted stream gets over the next highest voted on the list begins to stream

Chestream, a live video streaming application

.Chestream’s social network is similar to Tumblr/ Reddit–ones’ content/video is shared among all the users of Chestream irrespective of demographics or social circle.

The upvoting system makes sure that Chestream’s users get to view the most engaging videos around the world.
Laavanye says,” Content on apps like Meerkat and Periscope is increasing exponentially, and quality is not assured. Since this is non-archival content, it has only immediate value.”

Technology behind Chestream

Chestream has been developed as an android application, whose server side code  is written on flask framework using python and Clusterpoint was used as NoSQL database provider.

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