Kochi: A Travel Destination Filled With Coastal Towns And Serene Beauty

Kochi: A Travel Destination Filled With Coastal Towns And Serene Beauty

Best time to visit Kochi:

One of the most popular cities in South India is undoubtedly Kochi. The capital of Kerala is a hotbed of Malabari culture and is always buzzing with activity. One of the most telling aspects about Kerala is the fact that the religious density of Muslims, Hindus and Christians are higher than other states and all of them exist very peacefully at the same time.

If one is visiting Kochi, there are many mosques, churches, temples and even synagogues present for one to enjoy the spiritual side of the city. However, what is important is that one discovers the city in the right way and at the right time. End of the day, timing is everything, so hire one of those self drive cars and begin an escapade into Kochi.

Dharmanath Jain Temple at Mattancherry : Wikipedia

Know what you want to do:

One of the advantages of visiting Kochi is that it is open for tourism all year long. This means that one can always visit the beautiful coastal town with friends and family. However, summer months can be very hard in the city, and its surrounding areas get very humid, and the heat is sweltering.

Marine Drive, Kochi : Wikipedia

For anyone who is an avid photographer, then it is okay to visit in summer. Even the monsoons can be cumbersome but beautiful to the eye. Photography is a favourite activity as Kochi is a very picturesque town. If you are in the city for photography or are just passing by, then summer is a good time to visit. There are a lot of local cool drink shops that open up during this time, and you can enjoy some fresh juice and coconut water preparations.

Festival time is the best

However, winter is the best time to visit as temperatures drop and the weather remains pleasant throughout. Kochi comes alive during the autumn/winter months as celebrations kick in and people are in a festive mood. Sometime around December, the Christmas mood sets in and the city bears a gorgeous look with all the lights. Around January and February, the Ernakulam temple festival begins and one will get to see a spectacular sight of colours, sounds and revelry. It is best to visit during these months and best done by car.

Wonderla amusement park, Kochi : Wikipedia

The roads in and around Kochi are very nice to drive in and there are a few options for car rental Kochi has to offer. Take some time off and visit one of the most popular seats of Indian culture and head back feeling energised and refreshed.


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