Indian Paper Packaging Segment Can Get A Lot From Ecommerce

Indian Paper Packaging Segment Can Get A Lot From Ecommerce

The rapid growth of the Indian e-commerce sector, which is expected to become $228 billion big by 2030, will help the country’s paper packaging segment expand, industry executives said today.

E-commerce for manufacturing companies is changing the way companies do business with other companies, including paper and pulp mills, with new trends being added in the businesses continuously.

N R Agarwal Industries CMD R N Agarwal said that global e-commerce players in the Indian market are looking for high quality packaging papers and packaging solutions. There will be a strong growth in the future as consumers need quality products, he added.

JP Narain, CEO of Century Pulp & Paper, said packaging demand for recycled packaging board will increase by 9.5 percent and fresh packaging by around 15 percent.

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He added that he expects the growth trends in e-commerce to continue, which will also give a boost to the country’s paper packaging industry.

According to the industry organization Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA), the paper packaging industry is expected to cover around 9.8 million tons per year in 2017.

The industry is expected to move to 18% CAGR over the next 10 years at an average price of more than $ 1000 per tonne.



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