After Dangal Success, Indian Film Star Aamir Khans Popularity Shot Up in China

After Dangal Success, Indian Film Star Aamir Khans Popularity Shot Up in China

Aamir Khans popularity in China shot up with the runaway success of his movie “Dangal” and now his Chinese microblogging website account has also crossed 5.86 lakh followers overtaking that of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The 51-year-old superstars account on Weibo, one of the most popular social websites in China, has received 5,86,591 followers till this evening.

Modi, who opened the account on Weibo in 2015 before his visit to China, was the most popular Indian with 1.69 lakhs followers.

He still continues to update his post with China related events.

Khan account, called “Amier Han” in Chinese, was opened last month ahead of the release of the biographical sports drama, which has become a smashing hit in China grossing 500 million yuan (about USD 76 million) in 13 days topping even Hollywood movies in China.

“Last Saturday along it created a new record netting 96 million yuan (about USD 15 million),” Prasad Shetty, partner of Strategic Alliance a Chinese firm promoting Indian films in China for the past few years told PTI here.

Aamir himself toured Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu ahead of the release of the film.

However, most people in China got to know Khan through his role in the comedy 3 Idiots (2009), which featured a story about three students who challenged the Indian education system.

“I really related to the story. The problems with the education systems in China and India are very similar,” Wang Yang (pseudonym), an avid fan of Khan, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

She first watched 3 Idiots while in high school. After this first taste, she sought out more of Khan’s works, which eventually led to him becoming her idol.

“He totally became a god to me after I watched Truth Alone Triumphs,” Wang said.

Truth Alone Triumphs is a TV talk show hosted by Khan that has aired on various channels in India since 2012. It mostly touches on sensitive social issues in India such as rape, female foeticide, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, untouchability and corruption in politics.

The show has been positively received by viewers for Khan’s efforts to raise awareness about social issues.

“All those issues touched on in his works also exist in China, but no Chinese has ever made that type of film,” Wu Qian (pseudonym), a 29-year-old fan of Khan told the Global Times. She added that the problem doesn’t just lie with Chinese filmmakers, censorship in China poses obstacles for the creation of this type of work as well.

“Khan’s Truth Alone Triumphs was not censored in India,” Wu pointed out. “I can’t even imagine what a show like that would look like in China.”

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