Hyperloop One Unveils its Vision for America, Details 11 Routes as a Part of Global Challenge

Hyperloop One Unveils its Vision for America, Details 11 Routes as a Part of Global Challenge

Executives from Hyperloop One joined leading policymakers and transportation experts here today to reveal details of select Hyperloop routes in the United States and to initiate a nationwide conversation about the future of American transportation.

Of more than 2,600 participants in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, 11 teams presented routes, linking 35 states and covering more than 4,200 miles. They join 24 other teams from around the globe, each vying to be among 12 finalists. Three eventual winners will work closely with Hyperloop One engineering and business development teams to explore project development and financing.

“Hyperloop One is the only company in the world building an operational commercial Hyperloop system,” said Rob Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer of Hyperloop One.

“This disruptive technology – conceived, developed and built in the U.S. – will move passengers and cargo faster, cleaner and more efficiently. It will transform transportation as we know it and create a more connected world.”

Lloyd said that by year’s end, the company will have a team of 500 engineers, fabricators, scientists and other employees dedicated to bringing the technology to life.

“Hyperloop One,” he said, “will enable broad benefits across communities and markets, support sustainable manufacturing and supply chains, ease strain on existing infrastructure and improve the way millions live and work.”

With Hyperloop One, passengers and cargo are loaded into a pod, and accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The pod quickly lifts above the track using magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamic drag.

This week, the company finalized the tube installation on its 1640-foot-long DevLoop, located in the desert outside of Las Vegas; the facility serves as an outdoor lab for its proprietary levitation, propulsion, vacuum and control technologies.

“The U.S. has always been a global innovation vanguard – driving advancements in computing, communication and media to rail, automobiles and aeronautics,” said Shervin Pishevar, Executive Chairman of Hyperloop One.

“Now, with Hyperloop One, we are on the brink of the first great breakthrough in transportation technology of the 21st century, eliminating the barriers of time and distance and unlocking vast economic opportunities.”

“Hyperloop One is the American Dream, and it’s fast becoming an American reality,” Pishevar said.


ROUTE NAME                                         PROPOSING TEAM                               ROUTE LENGTH
Boston-Somerset- Providence                   Hyperloop Massachusetts                                         64 mi
Cheyenne-Houston Rocky Mountain        Hyperloop Consortium                                           1152 mi
Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh                    Hyperloop Midwest                                                 488 mi
Colorado Front Range/ Mtn. Network    Rocky Mountain Hyperloop                                     360 mi
Colorado Front Range                                  Colorado Hyperloop                                                  242 mi
Kansas City-St. Louis                                    Hyperloop Missouri                                                  240 mi
Los Angeles-San Diego                                    Hyperloop West                                                       121 mi
Miami-Orlando                                                 Hyperloop Florida                                                   257 mi
Reno-Las Vegas                                                Hyperloop Nevada                                                   454 mi
Seattle-Portland                                               PNW Hyperloop                                                        173 mi
Texas Triangle                                                 Hyperloop Texas                                                        640 mi

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