HQ Trivia Will Be Available On Android This New Year’s Eve

HQ Trivia Will Be Available On Android This New Year’s Eve

Have you heard about HQ Trivia app? Yes, the world popular quiz show app that was available only for iPhone users. Despite of its availability only on a single platform, it has attracted quite a number of users.

This Christmas, it even crossed 730,000 players. HQ Trivia is an online trivia game show which offers prizes(money) to the users who make it to the end by answering all the 12 questions correct. Those who make it to the last, the prize money is distributed amongst them.

HQ Trivia had been planning from quite some time to make a debut on Android platform, but has only released the beta version to a small subset of users.

“Android update: we’re in limited beta as of Christmas Day & are working quickly on patches, so we can continue to roll it out to more testers throughout the week. Our goal is to make it available to ALL by Jan. 1,” it said in tweet.


HQ Trivia is being built by Intermedia Labs, a New York-based startup founded by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, two co-founders of the short-form video sharing platform Vine.

The co-founders are also planning on to monetize from HQ Trivia through brand collaborations, but growth is the primary focus now- hence the Android app.



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