How To Apologize For Your Emergency Vacation And Be Cool About It!

How To Apologize For Your Emergency Vacation And Be Cool About It!

If you want to be a loved and appreciated employee in your company, it is advisable that you plan your leaves out. Yes there are some emergencies (hangover being not one of them) where you can cut out, but as said, it is not advisable.

Well that is on the one hand, but what happens if you are on a vacation(planned one!) but you happen to work in LinkedIn and during that time its CEO Jeff Weiner plans to pay your team a visit.

Seeing people like him in person is something that doesn’t happens a lot, even for employees at LinkedIn. What would you do if you are working there and happen to be on a vacation while he visits? How cool can you really be?

Mariah Walton, Analytics Manager at the business and employment-oriented social networking service LinkedIn, “accidentally” scheduled her vacation to Venice on the day its CEO was visiting. Even though she was not available, she took the opportunity to “subtly” remind him what they do and how they fit in the bigger picture.

Source: LinkedIn

She left a note for the CEO on her laptop screen, saying,” Hi Jeff!, I wanted to meet you but had to go to Venice instead (so sad) (emoji).” She also gave him a suggestion regarding what type of food should be avoided. Have a look for yourself!

Posted a week ago, it has attracted a large number of viewers with around 34,000 likes and 530+ comments.

Many people loved the idea and said that they will be trying it too and said she is “smart, clever” and her “heart is in work”.

Next time you are out of your office, you know what to do! But wait, is he as cool as Jeff to post it?

Disclaimer: We won’t be responsible if you get fired after that!



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