Google Forms Alliance With VMware And Pivotal In Cloud War With Amazon

Google Forms Alliance With VMware And Pivotal In Cloud War With Amazon

In the cloud wars, Google has teamed up with VMware and Pivotal its $2.8 billion valued spin-off against Amazon. Together they have come up with a solution called Kubernetes, a software project that started out as a way for Google to manage its massive server infrastructure and has since become a go-to tool for modern software developers .

The partnership was officially announced on Tuesday and is centered on Pivotal’s new Pivotal Container Service (PKS), which will make it easier for companies to roll out Kubernetes. PKS will allow devs to build applications and making it easier to be installed on servers running VMware’s software or run in Google’s cloud.

From this partnership, Google will be getting access to VMware’s world class customers and in return, VMware will offer them easy access to Google’s cloud, including all of its cutting-edge artificial intelligence services for software developers. And Pivotal gets cozier with both companies.

Kubernetes shelters a developer tech termed as ‘software containers’, pioneered by Docker, a $1 billion-plus startup. These software containers are like boxes into which developers will package their programs. They ensure that the applications run in the same way regardless of the computers that are run upon, be they laptops, servers, data centers or cloud platforms.



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PKS lets developers write their codes while behind the scenes, Kubernetes handles the complex part of managing those containers. Kubernetes makes the task of building software, easier and allowing it to run on a larger scale, which is the sole purpose of creating it by Google.

Tying PKS to VMware’s offerings will likely prove “attractive both to cloud-native developers and companies with strong investments in [VMware] products and skills,” said Dave Bartoletti, an analyst at tech research firm Forrester.

We go where our customers are going,” said Poonen, the virtualization software provider’s chief operating officer.


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