GiftsbyMeeta: An Emerging Giant of the Gifting World and One Window Solution for All Your Gifting Needs

GiftsbyMeeta: An Emerging Giant of the Gifting World and One Window Solution for All Your Gifting Needs

Laying on the bed, eyes are roaming around, thousands of things striking in your psyche suddenly eyes stop on a wall hanging with a beautifully wrote message on, or a cute teddy or a wooden table top printed with you and loved one’s photo together.

Subsequently, your psyche is now loaded with a number of special memories, now you are recalling those moments that you spent together with them, and a soothing comfort you are in, that is what a present does the magic. The birthday bash, the party, the gathering, the cakes and lot of phone calls of greetings or wishes, with the passage of time left behind and it the present inside your room or a present that your loved one often uses, gives your loved one a soothing comfort or a virtual touch of affection even in your absence.

GiftsbyMeeta.com appears here to ensure the availability of right present at right time no matter whatever the time or your pocket limit, wherever you are, whom you want a present for, with a gigantic scope of presents. It is not less than the Amazon in the case of gifts delivery, gifting variety, the smooth technology, customer support and the global delivery network that’s why GiftsbyMeeta is the Amazon of gifting world.

When an order for a beautiful gift is placed with the mere click of few buttons and gets delivered at whatever the location is and that too in time bound manner, then we call it one window solution for your complete gifting needs.

The story

GiftsbyMeeta came into existence in 2013, Meeta Gutgutia, the owner of GiftsbyMeeta and wife of MR. Vikash Gutgutia, The king of flowers world in India. She was quite happy with the growth of her family firm and was leading a comfortable life nevertheless she wanted to make the gifting easy, affordable and deliverable at any corner of the globe. She still spends hours and hours to design and decorate the products. She wanted to do more beyond the teddies, flowers, cakes or chocolates.

The fashion designer by profession and very creative, innovative by nature, MRS Gutgutia was associated with FNP group as a creative head. She was consistently missing a lot in the way the gifts are exchanged, the limited reach of appropriate gifts to the mass, the wrapping, delivery, limited variety of gifts, and the hassles which take place before presenting a gift to our loved ones.

The Aim is covering miles and delivery smiles

A gift should always not to be something only for showpiece; it must be meaningful for the recipient, it must be affordable, it must suit the taste, nature, inclination and needs of the recipient, it must be unique, it must be innovative yet intriguing. Secondly, it must not be unaffordable and there must be an interface where one can explore thousand of presents effortlessly and locate the event, location or relationship oriented present. And hence this online gifting portal was started.

“Covering miles and delivering smiles” with this Mantra she started creating products categories, started designing, and deployed a bunch of smart technocrats and designers for a rigorous R&D work. The robust delivery network of FNP group and the financial support from this family firm paved her ways ahead and finally, GiftsbyMeeta came into existence.

A Well-recognized Gifting Brand in South Indian Region

The expertise in offering customized products, GiftsbyMeeta has created a gigantic scope of occasion and location specific presents. The quality to mold a present that incorporates the local beauty and natural touch of a particular location is better achieved at GiftsbyMeeta.

Consequently, GiftsbyMeeta is the most loved brand in the south India region for the personalized gifts. The robust delivery network, the massive array of gifting articles, the return policy, and quick delivery are some special qualities which the customers from south Indian region love about us.

A Balanced Team

GiftsbyMeeta has a great blend of experienced and innovative professionals and this team in collaboration with the dedicated tech and customer support team is creating the history. We have truly excellent products designing team and the unmatchable tech support team that gives the customer a better shopping experience.

Investment and findings

Since we have all the resources accessible from FNP, we are not looking for selling our stakes or angel investments. The current business module is profit making so we are able to sustain our near future expansion.

What’s Ahead

We have recently started home delivery of Gifts in Delhi NCR within 6 hours and planning to add more tier 1 cities under this umbrella. We have already same day delivery in more than 300 cities across the country so within next 2 years we are going to make it 500. We have been blessed with the overwhelming responses from our NRI customers so we are focusing more on making the gifting more affordable and smooth for our overseas customers. And very soon we will be adding vendors’ products on our website. And much more, we will let you know.

Any Message for Aspirants

Yes, I believe you should not start something with the ambition to make money, but start something that fulfills the needs of the people or that makes the life simpler for the people, money will have to come to you.

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