From Waiting Tables And Selling Fruits To Being A Successful Entrepreneur, This Duo Has A Lot To Say

From Waiting Tables And Selling Fruits To Being A Successful Entrepreneur, This Duo Has A Lot To Say

In the past centuries, several sectors have seen tremendous growth. And ever since the startup bubble, things have started to move over to cloud. General utilities like groceries and bathroom kits, food, furniture and even heavy electronics are some mere clicks away.

With this advent of “finding everything online” some sectors are still expecting attention and need much work done. Realizing one such undervalued opportunity, Kishore Beniwal started a venture Just.Jobs.

There happen to be several platforms from job seekers, for people who have done MBA, B. Com, BCA or Engineering. While a huge number of such platforms flourish and have been promising White Collared jobs, a relatively less attention is paid to the Blue Collared sector.

Just.Jobs is such one-of-a-kind, full-featured job portal exclusively designed for entry-level jobs sector. It is an innovative staffing startup that offers optimal solutions to the problem of staffing when it comes to semi-skilled and skilled workers, by bringing the employers and the job-seekers together on a single platform.

Just.Jobs Portal

“Just.Jobs is not another traditional & complex job board. It is incredibly easy, and in fact, the fastest and the most reliable job board when it comes to the recruitment & hiring within the informal sector of blue-collared jobs India, this even stands as the USP of our venture. Well, the best part is that the platform lets the employers post jobs for free that has worked incredibly. This has made many start up, that had budgetary constraints to post jobs without a single thought. “says Kishore Beniwal, founder and CEO of Just.Jobs.

 What Just.Jobs Offers?

It’s a free job-posting platform that connects blue collar job seekers with employers from both households and small-to-medium sized businesses offering job opportunities in India.

It targets is anyone who belongs to the blue/gray collar sector i.e. small to mid-sized businesses and households. This includes both, job-seekers, as well as employers. However, as of now, we haven’t targeted enterprises but we do have a special place for start-ups in our heart.


Just.Jobs Not A Night’s Dream

Beniwal’s personal life experiences became the backbone of the startup. Having worked as Constructions Worker and a Waiter for four years, Kishore was a victim to the problem itself. He realized the difficulties one undergoes to get a job in blue collared sector, by not observing from a distance, but being in that situation himself.

He understands how difficult it is to attain success in such a career as there are no significant qualifications involved. Having a good career may seem to be no less than a challenge to them. It was then when he thought of starting a platform where they get recognition. Just.Jobs has not just handed them the jobs, but also eradicated the challenges associated with this sector.


The Journey So Far

Currently, Just.Jobs is one of the fastest growing, very reliable and well-known blue collar jobs marketplaces in India. Within a short span of time, the organization had surpassed 11,000+ registrations of Small & Medium sized companies (SMEs) and at this moment it has thousands of jobs on the platform! Needless to say, it is a commendable achievement.
So, the time has come when small businesses and blue-collar job seekers from India started relying on a recruitment portal, just like the formal job sector does, to find better jobs.
As matter of fact, the list of registered employers with Just Jobs vary from the umpteen start-ups to esteemed companies like BigBasket, Flipkart, UrbanClap, Ola, Portea, Uber, Jugnoo, Omaxe, CrossRoads, Zoomcar, and 1 MG along with many others.


Just Jobs has not just bridged the gap between the available jobs and skilled job seekers in the entry-level jobs sector, but provided a trusted platform for the blue-collar job seekers to easily make their own profile.


Working With Just.Jobs

Talking about the working culture of Just.Jobs, Kishore says “We make sure that the culture of the organization is friendly and vocal so that everyone who faces any issue can be upfront about it. After all, a friendly culture helps employees stay motivated and enthusiastic to work.”


“We offer our employees flexible working hours to lead towards a better work life balance & job satisfaction. The business ideas & other strategies are discussed, created & executed with the contribution of each & every employee so that they may approach a business idea & it’s execution as an entrepreneur & not just as an employee. We as an organization believe that it becomes our responsibility to contribute towards growth & advancement, not only of our organization but also, of our employees & motivate them to accept challenges positively and push each other & themselves to create a better future & opportunities for themselves as well as for the organization.”

Just.Jobs Team

Just.Jobs In The Long Run

“At Just Jobs, we are in the quest of transforming India’s unorganized job sector. It is our plan to make a complete mobile first business environment, making jobseeker app move intuitive, launching Just Jobs in Hindi and other regional languages; wherein both employers & jobseekers can connect with each other within seconds and for free, anytime, anywhere.”

Founder’s Profile

Left: SR Madhukar, Right: Kishore Beniwal

Kishore Beniwal (CEO & Co-Founder)

A “Believer” with clear and inspiring thoughts, started Just Jobs in Aug 2016 with a clear vision – organize the unorganized, to create a platform where India’s most unserved part can connect with the right opportunities for the betterment of their life.

Kishore started his career in IT around 16 years ago as a Jr. Graphic designer at a very young age since then it’s been a long & successful journey so far. He has worked on different posts taking up different challenges, from being a designer to project manager in various IT companies and in June 2008 he, with his friend Mr. SR Madhukar; co-founded their own digital design and development agency- “Intense Interactive”. It is still doing well and both of them heading it along with their own products.


SR Madhukar (CFO & Co-Founder)

Highly motivated and focused on operation & financial issues within the organization, Madhukar believes in learning something new every day and hence endeavors for the same.

He has seen some really tough days in his early life. He had to sell fruits for a livelihood along with his parents but later after completion of his early schooling, he joined Kishore, his childhood friend and classmate, who later became the CEO of Just.Jobs. Kishore advised and taught him the basics of design. He officially started his career as a web designer in 2004 and joined his friend Kishore in the venture and since then there is no look back. He is extremely good in looking into operational & financial aspects of the organization.


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