Designer’s Secret : Who Says Chairs Are Just For Sitting?

Designer’s Secret : Who Says Chairs Are Just For Sitting?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s a lot of home decorating advice out there on the internet on how to create best drawing room, kitchen or design your dining room. Now, as the holiday season approaches, the number of guest, relatives and friends will outnumber your furniture for sure.

Keeping the rooms spacious and make plenty of space to hang around needs much brainstorming! It is rather challenging for home makers to align furniture like sofas, chairs and tables, especially if they are directly in front of the front door.

As soon as we enter a house, we notice dramatic ceiling, lamps, curtains etc. But if the goal is to have long conversations and have some meals, comfortable chairs are vital. Chairs can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re looking for and where are you going to place it. Chairs are no doubt much associated with the quality of life!

Who says chairs are just objects one uses to sit upon. Remember ‘Rosita’ the chair? Well, once you sit on that one, you’ll be amazed with the relationship you develop with it.

If you are choosing something for the drawing room, it ought to be decorative. It is hard to find all your requirements under one roof in an offline store, but thanks to the internet, you can now find great designer chairs online on UrbanLadder. The key point you should keep in your mind while deciding a chair is that whether you will sit on that particular spot for three-four hours straight and will that make you happy? Comfort means different things to different people ofcourse.

Chairs are not just for sitting!

Yes, it is a fact! we don’t use chairs just for sitting. We fight on them, play on them, rest our pile of clothes on them and sometimes even sleep on them. A chair is a multipurpose furniture, whose usage is restricted only by man’s imagination!

You can also experiment with seating and consider adding chairs for other purposes like reading if the room is larger enough. For those who are not much aware of the choices, there are chairs like lounge chairs, rocking chair, accent chairs, recliners, ottomans and stools, benches and designer chairs. The world of chairs is so vast in itself that its discussion alone can last hours.

The natural human tendency to associate physical comfort with the quality of life suggests that furniture has a subconscious association with success and personal esteem. The tradition of chairs representing the place of honor is spoken well of in our history. Remember the times when the singhasanas used to embed with gems and made out of gold! Well now, these are made out of LOVE.

However, you don’t need a bejeweled throne to tell you the importance of chairs in social settings.

Finally the relationship between a person’s status and a chair can help to explain why some people are so reluctant to upgrade their old chairs with new designer models: every king or queen, no matter how small their domain, needs a throne from which to rule.



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