Some Serious Questions Asked From Two Varanasi Boys About Their Startup Dawailelo.com

Some Serious Questions Asked From Two Varanasi Boys About Their Startup Dawailelo.com

How many of you live in metro? And your family lives in tier 2 and tier 3 cities? Who takes care of your family’s health when in need while you are busy in your work?

Two youngsters also came across same questions and came up with a solution: Dawailelo. Dawailelo helps the people through their services in tier 2 and tier 3 cities where there is acute need of genuine, affordable and accessible health care services.



Hailing from tier 2 city like Varanasi, the two founders Arpit Sarin and Aditya Agrawal wanted to know whether others are facing the same problem and thus they conducted a survey of 2000 residents to understand the roots. They came to know that majorly the old age patients are suffering from one or other chronic diseases and need health care at home, people depend on vague recommendations to search the doctors, they have limited access to Doctor’s Information, and also they have to go to path lab to get the tests done even when they can be availed at home. All these problems were creating hassle to get health care services.

Just then, Jagriti Yatra happened in their life. Founders say,” We are speechless about JY. DawaiLelo would’ve never been a reality without Jagriti Yatra. We can never give back in any way what Jagriti Yatra has given us in various ways: may it be the team or the investors or the belief in ourselves. ”

Once they decided to take the challenge for the society, the road down was not easy. It took them nine months of time to get started and all the various paperwork as they were adamant not to take any path that was against their values.

dawailelo office

It was not an end: Hardships just started from there. Finances were a very big issue for them. They started saving their pocket money, took small loans from their friends and family, and taught in coaching institutions and hence were the investors as well for the venture for the time being.

dawailelo team

Co-Founder, Arpit Sarin took care of Operations. He dropped his plans of further studies for the bright future of Dawailelo. Chief Executive Officer Aditya Agrawal started his MBA from FMS BHU and took over Marketing and Business Development. Together, both the founders created a small team with interns from BHU. They used to have daily meetings in the fields during morning walks to save the expenditure of offices. Initially, they themselves worked as Delivery Boys as they could hire one. Every work in the venture was done by them and their team of interns who believed in their idea.

Most of the team now is working with Dawailelo from past 1 and half years. To make a venture successful, a team plays a very important role. Now they have the team and the resource. After working for 2 years in Varanasi serving more than 600 unique customers, they finally got their seed fund through angel investors: Madhu Gopinath and Naveen Nischal, who believed in their idea and them. Both the investors are successful entrepreneurs themselves: one in the technological industry and the other in the health care industry.

dawailelo work culture

After conquering the heritage city Varanasi, now Dawailelo is running for Battle of Panipat. They have upgraded their model to being a facilitator by providing medicines, doctors info and path labs tests to the users, launched their app, and all ready to work in the most compliant manner.


Note: Dawailelo is not an online pharmacy (We work only on physical copy of prescription). It is just a technological facilitator in health care where they connect users/patients to the doctors, path labs and medical stores.

For medicines, users raise request , the team send their representative to collect the physical copy of the prescription from the users at their desired time, then forwards the prescription to the medical store which then fulfills the order.

For Doctors, we just provide their information to the users and help them fix their appointments.
For Path Labs, when users raise request for a particular test, we forward the same to the path labs which then picks up the sample and do the needful.


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