Good News: Bangalore-based startup grown human liver in laboratory

Good News: Bangalore-based startup grown human liver in laboratory

A Bangalore-based biotech startup, Pandorum Technologies, founded in 2011 has grown a human liver in the laboratory. The startup is formed by Arun Chandru and Tuhin Bhowmickin in 2011, who were pursuing their higher studies at the IISc. They came together to work on the development of artificial human organs after winning a business competition.

The “liver” is actually 3D-printed living tissue — grown from human cells — that can function as the human liver. These tissues will reduce the costs of research as they can be used for medical trials without depending on human or animal tissue. With their use, the discovery of drugs and vaccines will become cheaper and more efficient.

“We developed everything here in India,” said Mr. Chandru to The Hindu. “We can grow thousands of these tissues in the laboratory and test the efficacy of drugs on them for diseases including cancer.”

Tuhin Bhowmick, 34, another co-founder of Pandorum said development of artificial organs has numerous clinical uses. The cell-based miniature organs can be used to develop bio-artificial liver support systems for preserving life in patients who have developed liver failure.

Pandorum was incubated at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms, Bangalore. The team has received a number of business and science awards. Their company vision is the “development and dissemination of high end innovations aimed at addressing the most important challenges in medicine and healthcare”.

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