Axel & Boris from Germany – The First Yessspreneurs Ready To Conquering the Indian market

Axel & Boris from Germany – The First Yessspreneurs Ready To Conquering the Indian market

Born and raised in Germany, Axel & Boris grew up together and started their first IT company together in 1997 and were since then involved in technology and energy projects. They also creators of the Yesss Spirit, a powerful way to be energetic and positive every day – doesn’t matter what’s going on in life.  Axel & Boris consider themselves as explorers, seeking for amazing people, new innovative ideas and discoveries worldwide.

They founded Yesss CAPITAL to invest in technology, energy, and entertainment startups from India & Europe. Yesss CAPITAL was born out of their passion for innovations and the recognition that synergies do exist between diverse sectors, companies, & humans, and their growth can be greatly enhanced if their efforts are synchronized.

The strategy is to be in a diverse spectrum of companies operating with innovative ideas, that match current and expected needs worldwide and have the potential to solve the developing world’s greatest challenges. Challenges in energy and environment, food safety and supply, and access to healthcare and education, for example. They believe these problems are huge, but technology is the answer. The target are companies with a clear vision for the future, high return potential, and capability to create significant value and long-term benefits.

The last investments have been in Bestmile.com (cloud-based company offering a fleet optimization platform for autonomous vehicles) in the autonomous driving industry and Advir.co (the first company providing programmatic immersive advertising in VR and AR) in the Virtual & Augmented Reality business.

Axel & Boris became partners of a few ventures in India, i.e. Jaarvis Accelerator in Delhi, ScaleMinds in Mumbai and Fundtonic in Mumbai. They will start their own Accelerator with Top Leaders from India, based in Delhi in the next months.

With +4.500 tech startups, India is the third-largest tech startup hub in the world already. The increase of quality startups and initiatives by the Indian government indicates that the time-to-market to get involved is just right. India has around 1.3 billion people and a huge human capital. Young Indians become more and more educated and have a great work ethic and innovative mindset. They have the potential to create new innovative startups regarding Drones, Waste Management, Artificial Intelligence, AR and VR but also scale established business models i.e. in E-Commerce.

India is in full speed to scale up the startup ecosystem, creating new ways for wealth and job creation. On the one side through government support (i.e. startup hubs, incubators, grants for startups etc.) and on the other side boosted by collaborations with big and established companies and Venture Capital.

Also, the idea is to bring European money and startups to India and also give Indian startups the opportunity to scale in Europe.

One advice they give to young entrepreneurs is to find the right people to work with. It is necessary to have the right fundament at the beginning to built your business. Thats where the Yesss Spirit is coming along. It helps Axel & Boris to overcome challenges and to think positive. The Yesss Spirit is all about getting the most energy out of you and to think positive, doesn’t matter what happens. As long as you give your best and think positive everything will turn out to your advantage.

Last but not least don’t forget, there is no limit and no box. Everything is possible and you can create everything.

Axel & Boris´s life time goal is to make an impact to the world by supporting people to create & bring innovations to life. If you have great ideas or businesses, don’t wait to get in contact with these extraordinary entrepreneurs.

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