Avoid Money Related Arguments Among Friends using knodues

Avoid Money Related Arguments Among Friends using knodues

Street food with friends, get-togethers at coffee shops, watching latest movies, Saturday night clubbing, chilling out with hookah, date nights, mobile recharges for long gossips, metro card top-ups, birthday gifts for friends and there’s so much more that any young guy has got to do!

Also, if you share an apartment or stay in a hostel with friends you would remember the midnight noodles, saving money to pay rent on time, grocery bills, fighting over who will pay the WiFi bill for a particular month are some of the few things which make the bachelor life interesting.

Yes, life’s fun because of the friends we have around us! But then there are so many concealed things associated with all this fun – keeping a track of who paid for what, calculating who owes how much to whom, and then reminding friends for payments! Well, the simple truth is that hanging out with friends is always cool, but keeping a track of IOU’s (I Owe You) really isn’t! Spreadsheets and calculators aren’t really a symbol of ‘cool’ in today’s tech savvy world!

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There’s an app called KnoDues – that’s got this issue sorted for you! KnoDues allows you and your friends to keep a track of all your shared expenses on the go. Whenever you pay any expense for a friend, all you have to do is add that expense against your friend’s contact name on the app. Your friends will get updated instantly.

KnoDues keeps a track of all the expenses and specifies how much you owe to your friends or in case you’re lucky – how much you get from your friends! So when you’re heading out with your friends for a movie or a lunch next time, don’t hesitate from paying up for them, just add & track the expenses paid on KnoDues!

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KnoDues CoFounders

KnoDues has an interesting feature called “Events” – users are allowed to create events and add their friends to this event. So next time around when you’re planning that exciting trip with friends, simply create a trip event on KnoDues & add your friends to this event, and then each one can record expenses paid by them. KnoDues would automatically provide an “Event Summary” of who owes how much to whom!

What’s more, is that KnoDues has some really smart features such as Remind & Inform, which allow users to send reminders to friends for outstanding dues, and inform friends as to when they would pay up the outstanding amount! The app makes it extremely convenient to avoid awkward money-related situations with friends and also eliminate any kind of confusion & mistrust!

So if you love hanging out with your friends, but hate managing the shared expenses, using KnoDues would surely be a sound piece of advice.

PS: KnoDues is available for download on the Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/KnoDues. To learn more about KnoDues – you can visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

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