Artificial Intelligence: A Future Face Of The Startups

Artificial Intelligence: A Future Face Of The Startups

With the effort of Tesla of introducing AI to self- drive  capability,it has shown others the infinite possibilities AI is sitting upon!

In the near future, AI might get so involved and integrated in our daily lives that we could not imagine a service without it.  The field of artificial intelligence has a transformative capability over many things that govern our daily lives.

Companies from the fields of Tech and Automobiles are leaving no stones unturned to integrate AI in their systems. Legacy companies won’t have a choice — consumer demand will compel them to invest in new technologies and AI is a prime example of the breakthroughs they seek. As computers get smarter and learn more, many of the factors causing accidents, injuries and fatalities will disappear.

With the advancement in AI, the computers will become smarter, exploring its self-learning,speed understanding and voice-learning.This explosion and burst will not be sudden, but a result of repeated experimentation and integration of hardware and software.It is only a matter of time until computers take over routine, clerical tasks and there’s a shift in jobs — with some losses — among humans. This will perhaps be similar to the shift in the industrial revolution, when a round of modernisation led to inevitable job losses.

For example, a  self-driving car would minimize our even eliminate the chance of accidents. After a few advancements it will be in reach of the common people, delivering its full potential! An AI could not “drink and drive” or run over the red lights! The traffic will be in order and to the best of everybody’s benefits.

Technological advancements in AI of this sort will be seeded in academia (such as the development of deep learning and neural networks), even if large corporations will lead the way in commercialising them. Large companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM may invest in the development of large horizontal platforms for AI, but there is a lot of scope for the development of breakthrough technologies for nimble startups. And, these companies can be based anywhere in the world. India, with its technical talent and increased availability of risk capital can easily be part of this race.

By Richard E Korf (The author is a professor of computer science at University of California, Los Angeles) As told to the source.


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