Apple Lost To A Company Called ‘Steve Jobs Inc’ Over Trademark Issue

Apple Lost To A Company Called ‘Steve Jobs Inc’ Over Trademark Issue

Steve Jobs, an iconic symbol and founder of Apple Inc has inspired thousands of lives. He was many things but a trademark, until now!

In two-year long legal battle between the tech giant Apple and a company, that can now officially call itself Steve Jobs Inc.According to a report by Quartz, a fashion brand based in Italy, that even aspires to become a electronics company by launching some electronic devices, registered itself as Steve Jobs Inc. with the European Union’s Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market in 2012.

Not only this, what snapped Apple the most was its registered logo. The company registered itself with a logo consisting of the letter ‘J’ with a bite taken from it, an Apple’s logo concept. It even has an angled leaf sprouting top of it. Here’s how it looks:

Image: The Verge

Apple fought against the logo(surprisingly not against the name), but lost. The Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, founder brothers, contend that the logo is not treading on Apple’s turf, as it consists of a letter, not a fruit(apple), and the judge agreed. “The letter J seems ‘bitten,’ but it is not, since a letter, as judges have also decided, cannot be bitten,” they said.


The company is right now focused on fashion and denim products like bags, jeans etc. As per the release by Business Insider Italia, the duo created the brand with electronics in mind. “Clothing and design are the industries in which we worked, but electronics have always been the goal of the Steve Jobs brand,” the brothers explained.

They’re fully aware of the problems their line could cause Apple. “Imagine devices marked with the name Steve Jobs with Android as an operating system,” the Barbatos said.



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