Ambani the sharp Investor: How a Boy Turns Rs 5 Into Rs 138 in a Single Day

Ambani the sharp Investor: How a Boy Turns Rs 5 Into Rs 138 in a Single Day

The video opens up with a drunk father, the one representing the society, which is quite a mess as per the present scenario. The vast society is busy serving its own needs leaving behind the primary objective of the growth by mutual attainment. In this, deadly fight of survival, the boy finds a little hope, the idea that is provided by his fresh yet imaginative mind. That’s the idea that drives people to think and work out of the box.


The video is about a boy, a boy who is inexperienced, fresh and all that he has is a budding idea. The boy represents the current situation of a common man, an entrepreneur who has just as limited options as him. But the boy instead of criticising and mourning over the sorrow of his limited options choose to take a stand, a stand against all odds, a stand by aiming at the resources he is bestowed with. The resources are limited but not the options. The boy chooses to be an entrepreneur.

He comes up with selling the used alcohol bottles of his drunk father and gets a small amount after selling it to kabaddi Wala. As the boy raises some money from the crap he just sold comes another idea of taking it to another level. Instead of stopping at that small profit he made and enjoying its luxury, he decides to take it to next level.

With the money he gets he hires a bicycle and start vending milk and earns a little more of what he invested in hiring the bicycle. With that profit he made, he still refuses to stop and again move on to next level. This in our economic sector is what termed as improvising and expanding.

Level after level he finally makes it to 138 rupees. A journey from nothing to 138 rupees. It was obviously noticed that at a point he was offered money for his hard work but instead of that he went with the opportunity.

Similar is the case with the present economy. It is a high time for country. People are realising what their ideas and hard work can endeavour. With the flooding startups India is now moving to be another Silicon Valley. People are more aware of what it is to be and what it takes to be an Entrepreneur.
Since the starting of the foundations of the funding market, “money fetching money” has always been the soul motto. That is the reason it’s called “startup” in the first place. It always starts with the idea of small initial funding, progressing the idea and finally expanding once a required set of target is achieved. It is now a huge market out there. With the availability of technology at fingertips and the world going on-line a huge market is set up over the cloud.

Now all these nurturing ideas need is a proper development, motivation and an initial start and once geared up, it could eventually lead to success. The one thing that video highlights is that the kid works just for himself. The risk is his, hard work is his and moreover the profit is his. The video present greatly that how just and investment of Rs. 5 led to Rs. 138 which is 27.6 times the investment. The boy creates his own opportunity and bears the fruit alone.

This is what the basic idea of a startup is. You create your work, be your own boss and finally enjoy the makings.

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