Amazon Infuses ‘The Biggest’ Investment Of 2900 Cr

Amazon Infuses ‘The Biggest’ Investment Of 2900 Cr

E-commerce giant Amazon has recently infused another sum of Rs 2,900 crore in its Amazon Seller Services, marking it a single-biggest infusion in its Indian arm, in comparison to Flipkart’s raise of total $4 billion.

In this fiscal, Amazon has infused a total of $1 billion into its Amazon Seller Services (India). Earlier in September, Amazon India received a funding of Rs 1620 crore, and then a Rs 1680 crore fund in June.

“As India’s largest and fastest-growing ecommerce player, and with a long-term commitment to make ecommerce a habit for Indian customers, we continue to invest in the necessary technology and infrastructure to grow the entire ecosystem. We are delighted and humbled by the trust from our customers, to lead in India on things that matter to our customers in over four years of our business, while continuing to launch innovative India-first initiatives as well as completely new offerings like Echo, Prime and Prime Video,” Amazon India said in a statement.

Amazon Seller Services will also be doubling the authorised capital to Rs 3100 crore from earlier Rs 1600 crore.

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Amazon India is also working on a ‘chatbot’ technology which will act like a personalised salesperson, in a bid to make the shopping experience better and interactive, Business Standard reported.

The program entitled ‘Guided Shopping Programme’ is in some ways similar to Amazon’s assistant Alexa. The chatbots would help shoppers to navigate and buy on the portal by giving suggestions.



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