99HomeMade.com- A Startup Giving You a Bite of Homemade Food

99HomeMade.com- A Startup Giving You a Bite of Homemade Food

As you bunker down in your house, probably listening to light music or binge watching and suddenly realize your stomach growls for food! Fortunately, if you are in Gurgaon, you can cater to your stomach by serving it the TRULY Homemade food and that too without creating a big hole in your pocket!

With 99HomeMade.com, now customers can get a totally customizable meal at tremendous low costs of just Rs. 99/ onwards on their doorsteps.

“At 99homemade.com you just need to select your meal from immense varieties, from breakfast to dinner. You can customize your meal or plate select according to your diet and like, in addition you can add chutney and other additives, which are freshly prepared.”


Encountering the Brand for the First Time

The 99Homemade.com comprises of several, what they call Home-Chefs that strictly follow the Hygiene protocols and the food prepared is very keenly inspected. The USP of the brand is to provide the true taste of homemade food for people living away from home.

Currently 99Homemade is headquartered and serving Gurugram only. It plans to go to the further regions on Delhi NCR in the forthcoming years. Till then, it is focusing solely on Gurugram.


Creating a Win-Win Situation

Besides providing the not so oily and over spiced food, 99Homemade has also built up a platform and creating value for smaller entrepreneurs.

It also serves as a platform for kitchens that want to register themselves as one of 99Homemade’s Home Chefs as long as they commit to the protocols and hygiene standards of the company.

The Inspection Team of the startup follows a non-tolerable policy when it comes to the quality of the food being manufactured and whether the proper steps are being carried out effectively.


Bringing Customer’s Favorite Food To Their Doorstep

“One of the unique features of the startup is that user can customize its meal, even to chapatis and the bowl of rice! Now just pay for the amount of food your stomach can accommodate!”

The food is prepared freshly, right from the start every someone orders something. No Curries are reused, or made in advance, which makes sure that the food is fresh and tastes like home.

Customers can preorder their meal to skip the wait for the delivery. The Delivery Team makes sure that the food is delivered as soon as possible, to the farthest corners of the city!



“99homemade.com is totally customer oriented and is flexible in every possible way!”


When The Customer Needs To Feed the Masses Or Needs A Subscription Pack

The other best thing 99Homemade.com offers is the meal subscription, where you can subscribe the WEEKLY OR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PACKS, and what makes it different from tiffin service, is mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, the meals can still be customized and selections can be made as per the choice before taking the meal subscription. Secondly, the time flexibility, where you can choose the time you want your meal to be delivered.

Bulk orders can also be placed for the cafeterias in offices, schools or any other place. Relevant discounts are also given on such orders!


When You Feel Something Is Not Right

The company keeps the Customer Satisfaction its top most priority! It takes the reviews/feedbacks by the customers very seriously and promises immediate action.

Customers feedback


Until now, there has been a 99% customer satisfaction rate, and the 1% feedback states there is no tadka, like the ones which restaurants provides. The food is being loved and the transactions are already touching skies. 99Homemade is all ears to customer’s opinions too!

With 99Homemade.com, ‘once a customer, always a customer’ holds true! 99% of the customers return to the platform and regularly order a meal.


The Gurgaon Team

The man behind fulfilling the desires of a hungry stomach is Mr. Sumit Singh, who comes from an IT background. He holds experience from Technical and played Techno functional role for several years!

Sumit recalls his early bachelor days where he found it very difficult to get a taste of proper Homemade food. He had tried every restaurant and dhaba in his neighborhood, but the food only fulfilled his stomach, not the desire!

Now he dreams, to give others what he never had, a delight for bachelors and bachelorettes; and the young and old blood to stay connected with their homes through the taste on their tongues.

Avail early bird discounts at its website and taste the Genuinely Homemade Food, just like the rest of Gurugram!

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