5 Essential Tools and Resources For Startups

5 Essential Tools and Resources For Startups

The world today is changing at a rapid pace. People are venturing into the unknown. The rate at which startups are growing is tremendous. But, just like a home needs some must-have tools to build it from scratch, so does a startup.

To help those entrepreneurs who foresee a brighter future with their startups and wish to get the right knowledge about those tools that can help them in their endeavors, here is a list of some extremely useful tools and resources.


The Name App



A catchy business name can stay in the minds of your audience forever. Think Google, Apple, and Nike. All these brand names are unique, interesting, and outstanding enough to resonate with their customers. However, if you think that finding such a name involves a lot of time, then wait. The Name App can help you out. This free name generator searches for domains and social profiles in an instant.

A huge timesaver that it is, the Name App is your go-to tool for checking domain names and social media usernames availability. It’s a must have application to avoid unwanted shocks later.



Zoho is what you need if you want a simple yet fantastic tool for easy marketing, sales tracking, reporting, and everything in between. Get Zoho and enjoy a complete view of your sales cycle on a single dashboard. This customizable CRM tool can be integrated with a number of third-party apps and services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. You can opt for a pay-as-you-use plan, or go for a monthly subscription.


Tailor Brands



Every startup needs a good brand presence. And, in order to create a brand you first need an impressive logo. With Tailor Brands logo maker, you can create a beautiful, catchy, and unique logo in just a few minutes. This incredible platform also offers some more, equally powerful branding tools that can give any startup the visibility it needs on the web.

You can even take logo inspiration from Tailor Brands and choose the right logo design based on categories. With Tailor Brands, logo creation becomes downright easy.





Modern businesses can’t survive for long without a great social media presence. But, how can you make social media management easy? With Buffer, of course! Buffer can be used to post content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other leading social media platforms. It is the smart way to schedule content on social media. All you need to do is to post content to Buffer and select the time you want to capture your audience’s attention with your posts.



Electronic signatures have simplified business agreements. But, when it comes to signing documents digitally, it can get a bit overwhelming for new entrepreneurs. HelloSign is a great tool for uploading, signing, sending and downloading documents. With this wonderful platform, you don’t have to spend hours in printing and scanning documents for signing and sharing.


Any startup that’s armed with the above-mentioned tools and resources can succeed in the long run. All that’s needed is the passion to excel and the intent to build strong relationships, not just a strong customer base.


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